Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How Ya Gonna Keep Em Down On The Farm?

Wouldn't you know all plans are on hold: I'm not going to replicate Versailles, but rest assured I learned a lot from a week in a fantastic apartment in Paris. I've been wavering in my affection for modern architecture, at least as far as what I'd prefer to live in, but this recent trip has pushed me over the edge and I want to live in a 21st century version of an 18th century villa, albeit at a scale that is possible on a budget. Think of it this way: the Petit Trianon is to Versailles as the Hawley house will be to... your house. Très, très petit. To get a somewhat larger, centered video, double click on the Eiffel Tower - and turn your speakers on.


Miss Tinky said...

Welcome home, Flaneur! The trip sounds divine, and although you haven't provided my favorite version of that song (which would be mine, of course!) I loved seeing my favorite "Tour."

CommonWeeder said...

Absolutley fabulous - the mating of image and music. Wish we were there.