Sunday, March 21, 2010

Further (plan) Study

In the previous plan, the main portion of the house was 875 square feet - seemingly achieving a dwelling below 1000 square feet. However, in its first iteration the area did not include the smaller living pavilion, and in its second iteration... the house simply was too small. In this current plan, 1175 square feet, the living, dining and kitchen space has been enlarged to be, well, reasonable. And a half-bath for guests has been added with a washer and dryer as well. To give the open deck area (open now, not roof-covered as before) privacy and to address the view, the screened porch (a 16-foot square pavilion) is rotated 45-degrees. This scheme merits a better quality image, and the above will be replaced shortly. We like the plan, we like the entry steps and we like that it begins to have a sense of arrival sequence. Oh, and the kitchen? Base counters along the west (left) wall, and a work island with gas cooktop. We'll use under-counter refrigerator and freezer units. The cabinets will have drawers only, no doors except for the cabinet under the sink itself. As always, north is up, or toward the top of the image.


Miss Tinky said...

A request: can the eye-height windows please be visible to a small person as well as a giant? Light and view are important to everyone! That request aside, it sounds pretty nifty to me.

CommonWeeder said...

I applaud the addition of the 1/2 bath for guests - but I thought there was going to be an entry 'hall' for all the messy country jackets and accoutrements.