Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Site Plan May 2010

Ed: to give you some sense of scale, I've shown a dimension of 235 feet, the distance from the nearest corner of the house (the corner of the screened porch) to Pudding Hollow Road. The town hall is marked at the bottom right corner, and I've indicated a rudimentary road although it's pretty much where we'd want it. So I think my guess (a wild one) was actually not too far off the mark.

The overall dimensions of the house, a simple rectangle with a shed or single-pitch roof, are 56 feet by 24 feet, including the screened porch. By tomorrow I ought to be able to post a pretty detailed plan. To the left of the house there's a circular form that is not a tree - it's a huge rock, and I located it using Google Earth, so it's relatively accurate but not precise.

As always, double-clicking seems to enlarge the drawing on your screen.

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