Sunday, May 18, 2008

A window over the sink...

Just how open do people want their kitchens? It used to be that a window over the sink was just the right degree of relief or escape from the tedium of doing the dishes. In this kitchen renovation a window over the sink was not possible, although the space offers ample opportunities to view the outdoors. In fact the dilemma was to create a functioning kitchen that doubled as the de facto entry, since this end of the kitchen invariably is where visitors stand to first get their bearings and check out the view. By removing upper cabinets on one wall and a base cabinet on the other, we hoped to expand the breadth of the view without diminishing the kitchen's utility.

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BJ Roche said...

Oh My God, what a transformation! This looks fabulous, clean and light but not sterile. Beautiful lines and color.

On to Rooney's!