Sunday, May 18, 2008

Une Nouvelle Cuisine

"This is just a test: in the event of a real kitchen..." It was just a two week stint in hell, but a real eye opener - renovation of the most central room in a house can be unduly stressful. But it's over. And from the results we've learned a lot about what we'll do in the Hawley house. Base cabinet drawers were a good idea, as was raising the counter top level two inches (substantial reduction in lower back stress). Legs instead of a toe kick allow the floor to continue and make the cabinetry appear somewhat more buoyant. Stainless steel appliances remain an impractical fetish. As for succumbing to granite counters... the color and material qualities are gorgeous but the result is that we tend to be too reverent which makes zealous cooking a bit stilted. And we were surprised that the final palette was warmer and more earth toned than we'd thought ourselves capable of. But here are the results - an updated kitchen for a mid-century house.

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