Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rye Close... closer and closer

We'd hoped to make it up to Hawley to see the substantial progress we'd heard about, both from friends and from our master builder, Ed Brady. The weather forecast has seemed too risky for the trip, but intrepid photographers and dear friends Constance Emmett and Suzy Groden (think Ezra Stoller meets Sir Edmund Hillary) made the trip and sent back these photos. We cannot say how pleased we are, nor can we convey how eager we are to once again be in Hawley, but here's why:

Living room end near entry to court
Study area at end of living room
View to the northeast from the living room

There will be a window here - and kitchen
to the left, dining room to the right

The court, looking north

Looking toward the kitchen from the living room

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Tinky said...

Wonderful! Brave to the intrepid photographers--and bravo to the idea of your house being REAL.