Thursday, January 27, 2011

The snow comes down, the walls go up

Rural photographer extraordinaire and dear friend Suzy Groden took a picture of our house last month. With my father's death, and with Ken's mother's death, we've had a dreadful start to the New Year. Suzy's email with the attached photo was a bright spot in those dreary winter days. As you can see, master builder Ed Brady has erected the exterior walls of the two living wings (the loggia and storage wings will rise in the spring). What you're seeing are the outer portions of the wall - the exterior shell. The walls will have an inner shell as well, and the final wall will be about 12 inches thick. And given the West County's winter weather, those walls will be part of the scheme to keep us and the dogs Lucca and Marco, warm and cozy. We cannot wait.

Looking west from Pudding Hollow Road
And we cannot wait for spring.

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Tinky said...

Your Hawley friends can't wait, either! Brava, Suzy, for taking the photo. One almost believes this house is going to happen!