Friday, November 5, 2010

Carré Vert

We've completed phase one of the move into the New York apartment - the furniture and kitchen apparatus have arrived in good condition, but there's the frustration of finding little things and basic things. A roll of paper towels? A... whatever? Little things, necessary things, will follow.

But Lucca and Marco grasped that this would be their new home once they were safely and comfortably in bed last night. They slept well.

Update: Rye Close was (apparently) too arcane - that it was a close or enclosed residence in a rye field was not conveyed. So, since the court will be a lawn and is square, we've decided on the name Carré Vert which is French for green square. As luck would have it, French is the socially accepted language in Hawley, so no one will have any trouble understanding why the house is so-named.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Isn't it a good thing that dogs are more important than paper towels? Enjoy....

(It says Michael, but it's Tinky)