Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rye Close closer

On occasion I jettison the courtyard parti and explore more conventional, in terms of New England vernacular, forms, some with modified courts. And then I spend some time with Lucca and Marco and realize their safety is of paramount importance. So I return to the courtyard schemes and try again. Gradually these designs have become smaller in terms of enclosed or interior area, while the size of the courtyard itself has varied, going from as large as approximately 44 feet square to as little as 24 feet square. The most recent scheme has a 34 foot square courtyard. Furthermore, by virtue of two sides which are at best semi-conditioned spaces, serving primarily as storage areas, the courtyard could be expanded without unduly increasing the main house's interior. Watching our two dachshunds romping this afternoon, it became clear that they would be happily accommodated within the current court dimensions. Rest assured, I've been "drawing" elevations in my mind for months now, and I'll be posting them anon.

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Commonweeder said...

Pierre, this looks great. I had no idea all this was on your blog!