Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Progressing, if not Progressive, Architecture

Somehow the architect as flaneur strikes me as unfortunate until I recall Le Corbusier's observation that "creation is a patient search". It is remarkable just how far the house design for the Pudding Hollow Road site has evolved without much appearing on paper - at least any scrap of paper (or computer file) that remains available. The house design has teetered between Palladian villa and Miesian pavilion, and continually returns to page homage to Australian architect Glenn Murcutt.

In the coming days postings will emerge showing the floor plan and elevation studies for what is to be a two-story one-bedroom house to be occupied for less than the entire year. Precisely which portion of the year will see the house unoccupied is yet to be determined, but a recent site visit (a trek across the snow) made it clear that the flaneur du pays does tramps about better in warmer weather.

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