Saturday, November 26, 2011

At last

Yes, it's true that no house is ever really completed, but we've come close enough that we spent the last several days delighting in daily life in the new house. There's still much to do. We've yet to sort through and move things stored in Greenfield, Norwalk and San Antonio. And there's the exterior landscaping to address. But already the house offers us a place to stay, a home. Here are some images, photos taken just prior to the mid-afternoon reception marking the exhibition of Trina Sears Sternstein's wonderful paintings. On the first day of our new life there we welcomed fifty or sixty friends and neighbors to see her paintings. Apparently the house works: our guests all seemed to congregate in the kitchen and and stayed until the early evening, eating, drinking and chatting away.

Click to enlarge each photograph.

Toward the kitchen from the living room

Naturally a harpsichord

The living room, toward the study

The kitchen "pantry"

The loggia at dusk

From the loggia, to the front door
Not a dirty dish in sight

The kitchen, then spotless

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