Sunday, August 14, 2011

Untitled [2011]

Malevitch, Untitled, circa 1911
Kazimir Malevich, the Russian Suprematist painter, did this (left) untitled work in 1916. The painting came to mind when we walked into the nearly completed courtyard yesterday. It was blindingly white. And it probably will be blindingly hot next summer when the temperatures soar. That said, we'll deal with that later. For the time being, we're simply pleased that we've gotten this far, and we're eager more than ever to be further along. Patience. At least that what we remind ourselves. The plasterer begins his work this week, and shortly thereafter the flooring work will begin. At some point this month, the court will be seeded, and grass will emerge. And then? Maybe the installation of a piece of sculpture. Or two dachshunds.

Loggia near bedroom doors

House from the west
The loggia
Courtyard toward the front door
The entry, court and front door beyond

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