Saturday, April 16, 2011

April Arrives

Forget the tax filings for the moment - head up to Hawley. Those were our thoughts as we sped up to Hawley on April 15 to check out the house construction, board Lucca and Marco at Dr. Broady's clinic and head on to Boston for Ken's conference. We were delighted to see that under Ed Brady's and assistant Tim's guidance the house is taking shape. Suddenly the courtyard is manifest, albeit in green sheathing rather than white clapboard. But we did glean a sense of the final size (it seems bigger and bigger as the great outdoors is less and less dominant, i.e., one's reference is now the actual built space rather than the entire Chickley valley). Lucca was right at home but Marco, who will ultimately love the courtyard more, was eager to get back to the car. Although he's known Ed for many years, builders with beards still alarm Marco. We were pleased that the roofs of neither the storage wing and nor the loggia block one's view of the ridge line and the sky - even from inside the house. There will be ample sunshine. The interior walls are being framed and the ceiling substrata is installed and awaiting its coat of plaster. Our excitement about the house keeps growing.
Ken, Lucca and Marco head up the drive for their
inspection visit

The house seen from directly south
The house viewed from the southwest (loggia facade)

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