Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thinking about Florette

Although Florette Zuelke died last April, her memory will live on: she was a champion of style, convinced always that adding a flourish was not only essential but beneficial - and far more fun. As the design of the new Hawley house evolves, I find myself wishing that Florette might have seen it. No doubt she would have her own ideas, but my experiences with Florette (and here I admit I was one of the lucky ones) were such that I could count on her approval and support. And rest assured, the house will be designed, albeit on a very small scale, for maximum comfort whether for just Ken and me, or for our guests. Here's a picture of Liberace and Florette, perhaps not constant companions but united in the 1950s to bring classical music to the masses via Columbia Records releases.

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