Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Court Has Not Adjourned

Who would have thought that days of walking around Amsterdam would lead to a definite embrace of the courtyard scheme? I'd all but given up and was exploring free-standing multi-storied schemes, but a glimpse into a courtyard off a small alleyway, itself off a small canal, convinced me that a smaller courtyard could be delightful. Admittedly at that point I was finding everything about Amsterdam delightful, even without visiting a non-coffee coffee house.

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Seagull said...

Expanding the mind with non-coffee may not be good for your health, but it can expand the mind and the creativity I understand.
Courtyards are great, especially with nice pots, etc to liven it up a bit. Disadvantage is of course the flow of light, which is a real consideration if the building around it is high. Sun is essential to make it a succes.
One courtyard I have seen in a modern house had a moveable roof. This meant that in inclement weather it became more like a conservatory - nice in the more dubious seasons.
I look forward to your drawings maturing.
The Dutchman from the seaside
PS I enjoyed the real coffee in the non-coffee house.